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Fpo ip research & communities search panel sign up login advanced patents/apps non-patent literature blogs/groups mpep case law navigation search blogs mpep 2. 0 tools & resources product & services help title: delta-like gene expressed in neuroendocrine tumors united states patent 5580738 abstract: a polynucleotide molecule dlk is expressed in neuroendocrine tumors, including small cell lung carcinoma. do two bathtubs mean viagra commercial A dlk polypeptide encoded by dlk polynucleotide molecule can be used in detecting the existence of a primary or secondary neuroendocrine tumor. Monoclonal antibodies are produced against dlk which are useful for detection and therapy of a neuroendocrine tumor. Inventors: laborda, jorge (rockville, md) application number: 08/597545 publication date: 12/03/1996 filing date: 02/01/1996 export citation: click for automatic bibliography generation assignee: the united states of america as represented by the department of health (washington, dc) primary class: 435/6. 14 other classes: 435/69. 1, 435/91. buy viagra online 2, 436/63, 436/501, 536/23. 1, 536/24. 1, 536/24. 3, 536/24. Viagra cost per pill 2012 31, 536/24. 32, 536/24. 33 international classes: g01n33/53 ; c07k14/705 ; c07k16/28 ; c07k16/30 ; c12n15/09 ; c12n15/12 ; c12p21/02 ; c12q1/68 ; g01n33/566 ; g01n33/574 ; a61k38/00; (ipc1-7): c12q1/68; c07h21/00 field of search: 435/6, 435/69. 1, 435/91. 2, 435/172. 3, 436/501, 436/63, 536/23. do two bathtubs mean viagra commercial 1, 536/24. viagra without a doctor prescription 1, 536/24, 935/77, 935/78 view patent images: download pdf 5580738         pdf help other references: lee et al. buy viagra online legally , biochimica et biophysica acta 1261: 223-232 (1995). Mark j. Cooper et al, "human neuroblastoma tumor cell lines correspond to the arrested diffrentiation of chromaffin adrenal medullary neuroblasts," cell growth & differentiation, 1989, pp. buy cheap viagra canada 149-159. Lee j. Helman et al, "molecular markers of neuroendocrine development and evidence of environmental regulation," proc. Natl. Acad. reputable online generic viagra Sci. viagra online uk pharmacy Usa, vol. 84, pp. viagra without prescription usa 2336-2339, apr. best online site buy generic viagra 1987. Viagra daily 5 mg Lee j. Helman et al, "the sequence of an adrenal specific human cdna," pg2, nucleic acids research, vol. 18, no. 3, p. 685. viagra online Laborda et al. do two bathtubs mean viagra commercial (1993) the journal of biological chemistry, vol. 268, no. 6, pp. buy generic viagra online cheap 3817-3820. Smas et al. free herbal viagra samples (1993) cell, vol. Rite aid viagra coupon 73, pp. 725-734. Primary examiner: zitomer, stephanie w. Assistant examiner: marschel, ardin h. Attorney, agent or firm: foley & lardner parent case data: this application is a continuation of application ser. No. buy cheap viagra 07/989,537, filed dec. buy generic viagra 11, 1992, now abandoned. viagra for sale Claims: what is claimed is: 1. An isolated polynucleotide molecule which encodes a human dlk polypeptide consisting of the amino acid sequence shown in fig. half life for viagra 1b (seq id no:2). 2.
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